FundX – Global Sales Consulting Ltd operates in the non-regulated financial brokering sphere, headed by investing expert Fredrik Sandvall. We raise finances for business and property development projects, with expertise in the financial services, property sector and technology-based startup enterprises. We have helped companies across the globe and are eager to continue the development of unique and exciting projects. Current focus is financing projects in England, which also involves overseas investors.

FundX: The X in the name is representing everything and anything, aspiration, innovation and exploration. We are not set in ways and have flexible solutions to fund great deals and projects.


By recognising a gap in the market, we can find financial solutions that are more creative and cost-effective than traditional investment routes. This unique approach to the sector ensures investors working with us can receive a fixed and secured return on investment * while opening more substantial opportunities to borrowers.

Our services focus on three critical aspects of each of our client profiles, which are developed uniquely to fit the experience, requirements and objectives of the individual.

  • Advisory Consultation
  • Growth and Sales Strategy
  • Non-Executive Director Services
  • Mentoring & Consulting
  • Fundraising Projects
  • Lending – Click here to see the lenders journey
  • Borrowing – Click here to see the borrowers journey
  • Crowdfunding solutions though partners Crowd With Us and Invest In Crowd
  • Deal Making
  • Creating Deal Making
  • Downloading Template

Each partnership generated at FundX is as unique as the individual; it is due to this that each project with us will be catered to each client. We understand the passion driving our clients and are experts in replicating this energy into their services.


We are dedicated to ensuring the rate of investment and opportunities for our clients is much greater than the industry standard.

We focus on two core values, which remains a driving force behind the partnerships formed at the firm of industry professionals.

The opportunity to help to connect exceptional developers with uniquely refreshing projects in a variety of industries to collaboratively produce a mutually beneficial relationship
The ability to fund innovative entrepreneurs who as of yet are lacking skills to raise funds to grow and develop their ideas independently. We have a strong passion for identifying and nurturing potential in those currently requiring resources.


FundX are experts in connecting investors with borrowers and entrepreneurs across a range of industries. The business understands that financial advisors must be able to provide vital advice based on experience and expertise. Due to this, Fredrik Sandvall created FundX to connect investors with appropriate borrowers to accelerate the success of projects, while providing his own blend of acquired knowledge from over two decades in investments and financial sector.
FundX has made partnerships with an extensive clientele of professionals from varying backgrounds with a strong focus on the financial services, professional sectors and the property industry. We have a strong power team and always looking for great experts to join our panel.

Key clients for FundX are focused on the following profiles:

Investors seeking an excellent return on their investments, ranging from corporate brands, heritage-based businesses to individuals interested in funding exceptional projects.

Borrowers such as property developers or those trying to kick start an entrepreneurial project.

Independent Entrepreneurs seeking funds for their initial projects that are set to make a substantial impact on communities and specific sectors.

We love being able to pinpoint common problems that our clients face during their professional careers and relish providing alternative solutions as personable as the client.

Through our experience with thousands of property investors, learning with professionals and inspiring projects we have pinpointed vital aspects that affect those within the industry and ensures they are well equipped to take on new and exciting challenges that may arise.


We are eager to remedy the industry’s largest misconception of investment advisors that funds will be returned with little to no profit.

FundX understands the importance of tangible evidence before the exchange of funds, offering security and high return on investments.

We value the opportunity to connect developers with substantial resources, providing them with the opportunity to maximise their success and to build exciting projects.

Our strong relationship focus enables us to understand that each project is unique. Our business is about person-to-person relationships, connecting professionals that will benefit from one another based on research. As a result, we are focused on providing our specialist advice to all our clients.



Fredrik Sandvall is an industry expert having first established himself within the consulting business in 1997. Over the last 20 years, the business owner has actively worked in property investment amongst other projects that have had a direct effect on the establishment and development of FundX.

Sandvall is an active mentor and advisor to startup business owners since 2006, having found a passion for sharing his wealth of industry knowledge and guiding budding entrepreneurs to professional success.

Sandvall has a long history of working with high profile and globally recognised brands including, but not limited to Google and KPMG, gaining uniquely refreshing experience that is evident throughout each and every business project at FundX.

Fredrik has aligned himself and his brand with the United Nation’s sustainable development goal number four, which stands for quality education across the globe.

Fredrik believes that his passion for corporate responsibility allows FundX to channel the UN’s sustainable goals to achieve and ensure inclusive and equitable quality education. This goal also aims to promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. The educational mission has been a driving force behind the inception of FundX and its company values. FundX also provides quality guidance to budding entrepreneurs seeking to begin their development within varying industries, while educating them on actively seeking support in all areas of their respective business.

In support of this educational target, FundX has aligned themselves with the B1G1 initiative, exploring a sense of responsibility for corporate institutions the company runs via the value of ‘Business for Good’. Fredrik will personally ensure that he with the company, partners and clients have at least 100,000 giving impacts in the world (through www.b1g1.org) over the next three years.

FundX’s extensive impacts can be seen below:

Sandvall also channels his passion for quality education by presenting an investment podcast with his two young sons entitled ‘Invest in You’. Here the trio interview notable entrepreneurs and influencers, discuss and explore investment opportunities, and delve into the world of entrepreneurship.

The podcast is designed to explore a unique take on investment education, exploring concepts and is led by the Sandvall’s strong desire to help others.

Fredrik also fitted in 16 years of service as a Special Forces Captain this photo is patrolling the glaciers between India and Pakistan. Key things from this time in his life are leadership skills, discipline and focus that he has applied in business.

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